I had been sober before, once for 2 years, once for 5 years. Then came a series of relapses for another 7 years. No matter what I did I could not stop using and drinking. I went to countless rehabs and programs. I could not stop lying to my family and friends and to myself. I was unhappy and trapped and I had no way out. Right about then I discovered Sober Men Living House. I moved from Miami to Kennesaw and was the first resident. They gave me the opportunity but I did the work. I am almost 2 years sober and going strong. I am rebuilding my relationships with my friends and family. I have a great career and am helping others as I was helped.




I always felt different but never knew why. I grew up overseas and we didn’t have AA or NA. I had never met anyone who understood me and could relate to me. One of my cousins was visiting and reached out to me, told me about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, as well as his quest for acceptance. He recommended Sober Men Living and they helped me get into a rehab facility. After wards I moved into the house to continue my recovery. I am now 1 year sober and excited about life. I go to my meetings every day and I have made a host of new friends. I will never forget what I learned here.